Learn about the activities and events hosted at Hale O Meleana in Honolulu, Hawaii

Life Enrichment at Hale O Meleana 

Active lifestyles thrive at Hale O Meleana! Our vibrant Honolulu, HI, community is filled with the lively sights and sounds of individuals enjoying a robust menu of daily activities and special events. Activities include morning exercise, church services, board games, bingo, singing, movie night, coffee chat, shopping trips, lunch outings, art classes, and more. We value each community member as an individual with their own personal tastes and preferences. All residents are welcome to participate on their own terms in order to create a personalized experience that truly nourishes the mind, body, and spirit.

Hale O Meleana


St. Francis Liliha Kupuna Village Honolulu, HI 96817

Engage the Senses

Our onsite senior care professionals understand the unique subtleties and nuances of the aging process, which allows us to create more tailored care for those who choose to make their home in our community. Activities are designed to stimulate the senses and engage the body in ways that are appropriate for each individual. We strive to include activities that can accommodate a variety of abilities and personal interests. This way you or your loved one can choose to engage with the offerings that bring joy into your everyday experience at Hale O Meleana.

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Community Connections

  • Group Outings with Transportation Included
  • Visits from Children at a Neighboring School
  • Cooking & Baking with Our Team
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Everyday Activities

  • Exercise Classes
  • Games and Movies
  • Island Outings
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Creative Endeavors

  • Music & Memory Program
  • Creative Arts
  • Friendly Discussions to Encourage Pleasant Reminiscences